Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Getting Ready

Our lives are going to change forever.

Last summer Tom and I took several Foster/Adopt classes to learn more about the process and to see if we could determine what we wanted to do. We both had a gut reaction that fostering just wasn't for us. We stay fairly busy with work and church and it wouldn't be fair to a struggling child to impose that type lifestyle on them. More importantly, we didn't feel we had it in ourselves to be able to send children back into a potentially bad environment after growing to love them.

After attending our classes, we began to feel led to adopt a baby girl. We debated between adopting from China or Kazakhstan for several weeks until one day on my way to work I felt God was telling me "you have a daughter in Kazakhstan that you need to go get". That's it. We're adopting from Kazakhstan. I don't know about you, but that's all the more convincing I needed!

After Thanksgiving, we started researching adoption agencies and home study agencies and finally after New Years we had decided to use World Partners Adoption and Cherub International. We have been slow going for a while as we are still learning what types of things we need to be collecting for our paperchasing adventure but we're picking up speed.

This Sunday, May 15 is our first home study visit. We're cleaning house this week in preparation and filling out lots of paperwork for our social worker. We're anxiously awaiting our first meeting to make all of this official.

Please keep us in prayer! We've got a looooong way to go!
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