Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Preschool Graduation

The year has gone by so quickly and Emily's preschool days have come to a close.  This morning her class held their graduation ceremony.  This is what our beautiful 5-year old looks like these days in all her graduating glory...


and this is what she looks like when she was kept up until after 10:00 PM the night before...

Congratulations, Emily!  You've had a great year and
I know you can't wait until you start kindergarten!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toothless Tess #4!

I received a phone call at work from my daughter yesterday.  She excitedly informed me, "I just yanked on that wiggly tooth and it came right out!  And I was like, 'Wow! That's crazy!' "

We talked about how fun it was that she's lost her 4th tooth and that maybe the tooth fairy would come to her house again.  After some digging around, I happened to find a phone number for the tooth fairy so she could let her know about her tooth.

After work, I picked Em up from my parents' house.  She was SO excited to show me the empty hole in her mouth where her tooth jumped out of.  She went on to tell me how she got to talk to the tooth fairy and she had to be asleep when the tooth fairy came around because the tooth fairy gets very nervous around little children.  She tried to talk the tooth fairy into leaving a new toothbrush and $5!  It was pretty impressive... the tooth fairy even knew where she lived and that she had a birthday this weekend.  Em told me that talking to the tooth fairy was her most favorite part of her day!

The latest count... 4 bottom teeth have fallen out and she has 3 wiggly ones on the top so far.

In other dental news:  Em had her checkup at the dentist office last week.  I've never seen a person more excited to go to the dentist than she was that day.  She was jumping up and down and shouting "Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!" when I showed up at Grandma and Grandpa's to pick her up that afternoon!  She handled the teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment like a pro.  She also surprised us by having (2) 6-year molars coming in!  So, on top of now losing 4 teeth and having 3 more on their way.  She's an over-achiever on getting her molars in!  No cavities and the dentist had absolutely no concerns with anything... other than trying to figure out how we're related since we have the same last names!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Emily turned 5 recently.  She so badly wanted a party and we decided to have a bigger party or her this year.  We asked her what kind of a party she wanted and she kept coming back to "a fancy party".  She wanted everyone to dress up and she wanted a castle cake.  That was about it.  She couldn't wait for her party day to come so she could see all of her friends and her family.



Crazy Momma

Aunt Laura and Grandma
(Let me remind you no adult beverages were served...)

She spotted this cake in a magazine and had to have it!
(I'm thankful for talented friends!)

Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary

Aunt Laura and Aunt Kris


Rachel, Emily and Jeffrey

Logan and Aunt Mary

Papa has... hair?

Big brother, Ryan and the birthday girl!

Meleah, Miss Annette and Reagan


Present Time!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Guess Who's 5 Today?

Happy 5th Birthday, Emily!

Em is the early bird in our family and is usually awake around 6 each morning.  She plays quietly in her room until about 6:30 when I'm up and rolling.  This morning when I walked past her room, I told her, "Happy Birthday, birthday girl."  To which she smiled and responded, "Thanks, Mommy."

An hour and a half later, she was watching cartoons and said, "Mommy am I four or five now?"  

"You're five."
She stood up and tried to examine herself from head to toe.  "How did that happen?  I don't look bigger?"

Once it clicked, she RAN upstairs to wake Daddy up and tell him that it was her birthday and that she's now 5 just like her friends!  There was exhuberant screaming, singing, dancing and frolicking before she hurried back downstairs.

"Mommy, do I look older?  I'm just growing up sooo fast!"

"Yes.  Yes, you are....."

How Does She Do It?

The hubs and I have been quietly discussing the purchase of a new bed for Sparkles for her birthday. She's been voluntarily sleeping on her brother's old futon mattress on her bedroom floor since we moved her out of her crib.  She's perfectly happy sleeping on the futon mattress, but this mom is getting tired of crawling around on the floor to change the sheets.

We hadn't found a reasonably priced bed that we liked yet and I don't believe we had those conversations in front of her.

Last week, as we were driving around shopping for stuff for someone else, Emily says, "Hey, that's 'Bedrooms First'. We should go in that store!"

Maybe it was sheer coincidence, but 1) was she just interested in checking out a new store or has her "ESP" resurfaced and she knew what we had been talking about in private, and 2) how in the world did she know what store that even was?   (I've seen a commercial or 2 or TV for Bedrooms First, but wow. This kid can't read, but she remembers logos and things she's seen on TV like it was nothing.)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Choose Your Words Wisely!

So Emily has been interchanging the words "dalmation" and "salvation" pretty regularly. Wonder if I should correct her? 
Case in point - Emily's version of Psalm 13:5 would say: "But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your dalmation." 
On the other hand, I like these verses much better with the way God originally intended... Well, that and it would be sacrilegious!
Here are some more Salvation Bible Verses!

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