Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Warp

What the heck? Time warp? I just put Emily in her room, covered her up, you know - the whole routine. I came out to check for email and she runs out to me with eyes wide open and says, "I slept 2 hours Mom!" I don't think so. Back to bed with you!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A few updates all wrapped into one!

I just realized I've been posting to Twitter and Facebook the past week or so and haven't added any fun Emily stories here. It's time to fix that!

Sunday, Feb. 7 - I'm impressed that Emily (remembered) and just told me the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den that she learned about 2 weeks ago at church.

Monday, Feb. 8 - Tonight at supper, Em started telling me about the part in Mary Poppins where the kids "aren't tired" but M.P. sings a lullaby and they fall asleep. I started humming the song and Emily's eyes got big and she asked if I was Mary Poppins. I put on my "teasing" face and nodded. She IMMEDIATELY started sobbing big sobs w/ BIG tears and said she didn't want me to be Mary Poppins and that she wanted me to be Mommy and she wanted her D-A-A-A-D-D-Y. (Who knew Mary Poppins could be so traumatizing?)

...and NO, I didn't show her THIS version!

Tuesday, Feb. 9 - And finally, today's Emilyism: We were supposed to have had an appointment this evening to get our taxes done. However, due to the snow, we rescheduled for next week. When I informed Emily on the way home that we weren't going to do our taxes tonight, she started crying (similar to last night's Mary Poppins debacle) and in between heavy sobs finally managed to say, "But I WANNA get my taxes done!" Seriously?!?
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