Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't Feed The Bears

I finally got the "film" developed on my camera that I took to the zoo. Ok. You're on to me... I finally took the pictures off the memory stick and I'm uploading my 2 good pictures that I took before my battery on my camera died.

Aunt Shell and Em pointing out the big fish!

Em found a crocodile to share some love with.

Emily has taken on the chore of feeding the wild animals in our house. She shares her milk and Cheerios with the bears and her dolls whenever she gets the chance.

Sometimes Emily disappears to play in her room by herself. I usually stay tuned in to the sounds to make sure she's not getting into something she shouldn't. Lately, she's been fascinated with exploring, emptying and rearranging her dresser drawers... and playing dress-up.

Oops... caught in the action!

Monday, April 07, 2008

What is That?

We were invited to join Aunt Shell and Aunt Laura on a trip to the zoo on Saturday morning and with the promise of sunny weather I just couldn't turn them down. I'm am SO ready for spring/summer to finally get here. Emily and I are loving the opportunity to get outside whenever we can right now.

We battled the thick fog through most of the trip but it had cleared out by the time we got to Columbus. Emily was excited to take a stroller ride and enjoyed the wind in her face as we worked our way across the parking lot and into the zoo.

Some of the first animals we got to see were the flamingos. Emily enjoyed watching them and listening to their squawking. But she was kind enough to take a break for a photo op for Aunt Shell.
A little chilly until the sun came out.

Touching a starfish at Discovery Reef.

Touching another starfish... but really just
getting a kick out of splashing in the water.

More interested in cuddling with the
crocodile instead of checking out the manatees.

A bit distraught that Mommy wouldn't let her just
run to the front of the line to jump on the carousel.
(We got the same look when it was time to get off.)

Two primates checking each other out.

Our gorilla friend kept licking the glass...
maybe he just enjoyed the faces we made each time he did it.

It's girls day out!

The pose (and question) of the day...
"What is that?"

Shhhh, I'm concentrating!

Emily's fascination with snakes finally
pays off. She was truly reaching up to pet it...
I was only helping to make sure she was
petting in the right direction.

Bright red buttons just scream "Press me!"
and then they growl like an alligator! (And we giggle.)

The tigers were pacing back and forth and
were really fun to watch. Emily would sign "more"
every time they walked out of view and wanted
them to come back so she could watch them.

We had a great time at the zoo and have a feeling we'll be making good use of our zoo membership this summer. Emily loves spending time with Shell and Laura and we hope to do more of that this summer as well!
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