Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Does She Do It?

The hubs and I have been quietly discussing the purchase of a new bed for Sparkles for her birthday. She's been voluntarily sleeping on her brother's old futon mattress on her bedroom floor since we moved her out of her crib.  She's perfectly happy sleeping on the futon mattress, but this mom is getting tired of crawling around on the floor to change the sheets.

We hadn't found a reasonably priced bed that we liked yet and I don't believe we had those conversations in front of her.

Last week, as we were driving around shopping for stuff for someone else, Emily says, "Hey, that's 'Bedrooms First'. We should go in that store!"

Maybe it was sheer coincidence, but 1) was she just interested in checking out a new store or has her "ESP" resurfaced and she knew what we had been talking about in private, and 2) how in the world did she know what store that even was?   (I've seen a commercial or 2 or TV for Bedrooms First, but wow. This kid can't read, but she remembers logos and things she's seen on TV like it was nothing.)

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