Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dossier on the Move!

I received an email from my coordinator this morning! "Your dossier is waiting on translation now and I will let you know when it is translated and when it gets sent to the NY Consulate."

I now have a new directive on things to do until we get "the call".

  • Check on getting new bills from the bank. (Kazakhstan is a cash-based society.) 
  • Read books and perhaps inquire on some on line courses to take. 
  • Gifts and donations - start making lists of donations for the baby house and gifts for the staff (it's customary). 
  • Start creating photo albums for court hearing - need 2 with about 10 or so pictures, in each, with enough room to add 6-8 photos of Tom and I interacting with Emily. 
  • Look at the medical in the binder, then get on and look at some of the terms from the medical, so we can see what they mean, as well as read over everything on the website. Decide what Dr. we want to use for a review, once you get a referral, always have a back up in mind, in case the first choice is on vacation or something. WPA recommends Dr. Aronson or Dr. Bledsoe.

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