Saturday, December 01, 2007

Em, Meet Santa!

Well, we'll just let you draw your own conclusions on how well this one went.

Actually, Santa is a close friend of my parents but regardless of that, Emily was perfectly content to look at Santa from a distance in the comfort of Grandma's arms. This face of pure bliss didn't last more than a few seconds!


SusyTheGirl said...

we love this picture! so glad I tuned in to your blog to catch it...uncle bill and I had a good laugh, but don't tell Emily we said that ;)

Is this going to be your Xmas card this year>???????

A 5 time mom said...

There is no way Lana would sit on Santa's lap. It is a good shot. She looks so pitiful!


Jodi and Bob said...

Too cute - we figured Owen would have the same reaction so decided to skip the Santa picture this year!

I so enjoy keeping up with you all and watching Emily grow. She's such a beautiful little girl and I know you feel so blessed to be her mom!

Merry Christmas to your family!

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