Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Say What?

I've been trying to catch this on video for you, but the elusive Emily buttons her lips and has been getting all shy when the camera has been out lately.

Here's the story:

We were driving around town a couple of weeks ago and from the back seat we hear singing... More specifically, we heard, "Aw, sh!#. Aw, sh!#. Boom!" Tom and I looked at each other in disbelief and then acknowledged that we both heard the same thing. After stifling my laughter, it took a few seconds for my mommy-interpretation skills to kick in.

Step 1: Emily had been at the babysitter's earlier and spent the day playing with nearly all girls.

Step 2: Boom = down (as in boom boom boom = going down the stairs on your rumpus)

Step 3: Piece it all together and fill in some MAJOR gaps.

My sweet, lovely, angel of a daughter was singing "Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!" She confirmed my theory when we got home and she started dancing in circles while singing and plopping to the ground on the "boom" part.

Oh, but it was so much better hearing it straight from the horse's mouth!

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