Sunday, January 04, 2009

Still catching up...

So it's now January 4th and I have been off work for 2 weeks for Christmas Break (now-a-days called "Winter Break" by nearly every public school because they have to be politically correct). I have had a blast spending every day with Emily. We've spent our days fingerpainting, reading lots of books, playing with sticker books from Aunt Shell and playing with out newly acquired Play-doh set (or "doh-doh" according to Em).

Here are a few Em Updates for you:


I'm still very happy with the fact that we decided early on to start teaching Emily sign language. We've learned right along with her and it's been so helpful. Emily has always understood everything we've been talking about even though her favorite phrase right now seems to be, "Huh?!?" Her verbal skills still aren't quite where others her age are but they ARE increasing every day. We started learning basic signs by watching a Baby Einstein DVD. That seems to be what peaked her interest and she started imitating the signs she was learning there. That DVD had a decent number of signs on it, but many of them were not signs that a toddler would use in every day life to express their needs. I stumbled across a set of 3 Signing Time DVDs and they are now Emily's favorite videos... even topping Elmo! The Signing Time DVDs have a little boy named Alex and a little girl name Leah. Emily knows the signs for each of their names and frequently imitates things they do. Some day, I'll post a list of the signs that Emily knows.

...I was going to post a lot more updates in this entry... but it's already way past due... I do another entry another day for you.

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