Friday, June 04, 2010

Kiss this!

So I hear this wailing from the living room tonight while I'm trying to get supper ready (okay, I was dishing out pizza onto paper plates) and Tom comes in carrying Em with big tears running down her face. Although there was no loud thump, bump, or bam, I was sure from the way she was crying that she had really injured herself. We finally get her to calm down long enough to tell me that she hurt her lip "a long, long time ago".

Wipe the tears. Wipe the nose. Check out the lip.

No blood. No cuts. No bumps, lumps or gashes.

All is well with the world after a few hugs.

Fast forward about 15 minutes and in the middle of a bite, the wailing started again. Sorry, this mom had no sympathy because Little Miss Em was acting beyond tired and I wasn't going to give any sympathy. I know, I'm harsh like that. :-) However, Super Daddy was quick to the rescue with his calm conversation and quick solution to the problem.

Em was certain she needed a band-aid for her lip. Super Daddy said he was sure her lip hurt... "but Honey, band-aids don't stick to our lips very well... maybe a kiss would help it feel better?"

Here's the best part... from her chair at the table, Em tries to kiss her lip with her own lips. There is no way to describe what this looked like that would do it justice, but believe me, it was too funny. I stifled my laughter as Super Daddy told her that he could kiss her lip for her.

"My lip needs kissed on the inside."

Um, no. Super Daddy only kisses lips on the outside.

This appeared to be a suitable resolution to the problem at hand. Tender, loving kiss was issued and supper commenced.

Phew.... another crisis averted! Super Daddy to the rescue!


The 6Youngs said...

Jenni: Thx for the elephant scoop and thx for following. Love your blog. Kids are the best job ever, agree?

kevin young (a/k/a Euroyoung)

Monica said...

just awesome!

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