Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh, Diaper Cakes!

I know... sounds disgusting, doesn't it?

But they are the cutest things.  I thought I had posted pictures of the diaper cake I made for my friend, Amy, last year but I'm not seeing the post on here.   Today, I'm throwing them on here so I can share a link with another site that was looking for ideas.  I was really pleased with how this one turned out.

So, what is a diaper cake?  Well, it's not edible and they are NEW diapers.  It's usually a centerpiece, decoration or gift at a baby shower.  Many times, they involve rolled up diapers that either require tape or rubber bands to keep them rolled up.  I choose to simply fan mine out.

I started out with the silver plastic serving tray and used that as a form for the bottom layer.  I used a large and small skillet to get the form for the top two layers and once they were tied up I could layer them all and finish decorating.  The bath toys had either toothpicks or sucker sticks in the base of them and were wedged in between the diapers.   I liked that I didn't have to take all the time to roll up the diapers. I think the mom-to-be appreciated not having to unwrap each and every one.  They keep their natural shape a little better if they aren't rolled.

Let me know what you think?  Any recommendations?


Amy K said...

I loved my diaper cake and Josiah is now loving the bath toys! :) And I REALLY appreciated how the diapers were not all rolled up. They kept their shape very well! I'd heard from other people who received diaper cakes how their diapers were all misshapen, but mine were great :)

I'm sure I told you, but this reminded me of how disappointed Stella was that this wasn't a real cake. She really wanted to eat cake that day :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing your link!

Amy & Ben Alexander said...

Very cute, Jenni! :)
You could put an undercooked brownie on top. he he he.

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