Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Emily Improv

The other day, Emily was watching Dora the Explorer (Shouldn't there be a comma in that title?) on TV and was interacting with the show. Somehow, a random cartoon character can always convince Emily to try to say new words and yet she won't say "video" for me.

On this particular day, Dora was taking the kids on an adventure somewhere and was showing that they had two paths they could take -- the red/rojo path and the yellow/amarillo. Dora comes on and says, "Come on, say it with me: Rojo!" and Emily's shouting the word "rojo" in our living room right along with Dora. Next, Dora says, "The Spanish word for yellow is amarillo. Say it with me! Amarillo! {Ah-ma-ree-yo}."

Emily shook her head at Dora and plainly told our television, "I just call it yellow."

There! Take that, Dora! You've been told.

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