Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Left You a Note

Sparkles has been a bit camera shy lately so no pictures today.

However, this weekend we got to watch Seussical at the local high school and although very tired due to a missed nap, Sparkles was intrigued.

Highlights of the afternoon:
  1. Met Mayzie LaBird coming out of a bathroom stall and picked up some rogue tail feathers.
  2. Found Thing 1 and Thing 2 lingering in the lobby during intermission and gave them the aforementioned tail feathers so Thing 1 and Thing 2 could return them to Mayzie so she could fly.
  3. Watched The Cat in the Hat talking with people in the orchestra from afar because she feeling a bit shy.
  4. Talked to the lady playing the keyboard in the orchestra and asked what she was doing.  (She was erasing all of her pencil marks in her score since we were the last show and books had to be returned to the company afterwards.)
  5. Horton listened to her clover flower to see if he could hear the Who's in it.


Sparkles was supposed to be taking a bathroom break prior to her nap but I didn't see her in there.

"Emily, did you go to the bathroom yet?"

"No. (As she puts a post-it note with writing on it on the bedroom door.) I was writing you a note."

"Oh really?  What does it say?"

"I don't know.  I can't really read yet."


Aunt Laura said...

I just LOVE Sparkles and her stories.

Jenni said...

And Sparkles loves her Aunt Laura!

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