Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Was a Busy Weekend

EGG HUNT: Saturday, 12:58:03pm / Slightly soggy and breezy

EGG HUNT: Saturday, 12:59:23pm / The Line Up

EGG HUNT: Saturday, 1:00:03pm / The Hunt

EGG HUNT: Saturday, 1:02:10pm / Sharing the Spoils with Papa

EGG HUNT: Saturday, 1:07:23pm / 1 Real Egg + 2 Plastic Eggs = $2... that she didn't want.


Step 1


The final products!

Sunday morning, bright and early!

A Baby Pillow Pet - "It's so fluffy I could die!!!!"

Light-up Jelly Crocs?

Yes, those are snowman PJs... on Easter morning.
We're down with that.

Every girl has to have a pair of bunny
slippers to accompany her snowman PJs!

The final count.

Sunday after church... Dinner with the family.

Sunday after church, after dinner with the family,
we got to have dinner with the other family!
(And another exciting egg hunt!)

Sneaking jelly beans while "counting" them.

Blob of play-doh on the elbow courtesy
of kids' church... mom was in charge!

Smackin' the sillies out!

Oh, look... another jelly bean!



Mark said...

Thank you for sharing such a great experiences. We are currently looking to adapt our first baby, and your insights are really helpful. Amazing blog btw.

Jenni said...

Thanks, Mark!

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