Monday, January 02, 2012

First Eye Exam

We've been long overdue for some eye exams in our family.  When we did kindergarten screening this past spring, we received a referral to have Em's eyes checked.  They told us she was a borderline case and it wouldn't hurt to have her checked out by our family's eye doctor.

I was due for my exam as well so we turned it into a mother-daughter visit.

Em thought these glasses were the bomb!  :-)

A depth perception check.  (Which we later found out that she struggled with this exam... she couldn't see the shapes that were "floating" in the pictures.)


Emily is still "borderline" as far as needing glasses, but we were told that at this point glasses aren't necessary.  In another year or two when text starts getting smaller in books at school, we may be ready to check into glasses.  Em was a bit disappointed because I think she actually wanted glasses. 

In due time, girl... in due time.

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