Sunday, April 22, 2007

Emily Update and Pix!

Things in the Land of Em are going well. According to Mom's official "scientific" methods of measurement, she's now 18 lbs. and 27 inches long. (I believe she's gained 4 lbs. in 2 months and has grown about 2 inches!) Even though it really didn't get her down, her cold seems to have run it's course and has left the building. Thankfully, she really didn't pass it along to either of us which is surprising -- especially since she's taken great joy in wiping her nose on my face as soon as I pick her up from her crib or exersaucer. Now that the cold is gone, she's continued this trick and it has turned into a cute snuggle which is usually followed by her blowing raspberries/zerberts on my cheek or jaw. ...It's cute until her 2 little chompers decide to get in on the act. Dad's face must be a little too prickly with all those whiskers because she hasn't tried this trick on him yet.

Today is Sunday, and just since Friday afternoon's PT appointment Emily seems much more flexible. Have you ever tried changing a diaper on a straight-legged baby? It ain't easy folks! But, something must have triggered at the PT appointment and some of those muscles must be starting to relax a little. She has been much easier to change this weekend and it feels like there is less resistence.

Now that the weather has started to warm up and we're feeling the bug to take Emily out and about we decided it was time to invest in a good stroller. We have a glorified umbrella stroller that I've used a couple of times to walk down and get the mail but even my little short legs kept hitting the back axle with every step. And, if you're much taller than my ginormous 5'2" stature, you have to bend over a bit while pushing it. The next time we get out and about I'll be sure to snap a picture of Emily in her new ride for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of your viewing pleasure, I promised some pictures in my last post. I don't have anything quite as nice as the pictures of Switzerland and France that my sister has been posting in her blog but the kiddo will have to suffice until someone wants to splurge and send me on a another trip around the world!

I've been very impressed with our kidlet over the past couple of weeks. Even with a cold, she still made amazing progress. She went from sitting up for about 10 minutes one week to sitting up for over an hour at a time. We'll spare you the nasty nose by showing you a picture from a distance... ;-)

Remember the pictures of Emily's "office" and how she was crunching numbers on her first day on the job? She's settling in nicely and her "office" now has that lived in look...

Speaking of memories -- remember how very little hair she had in the early days of our blog? Check this out!

To wrap up today's blog... here's a lovely smiling portrait of Miss Em. Enjoy and Be Blessed!

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