Sunday, April 01, 2007

Emily's Baby Dedication

This morning was Emily's baby dedication. No, she's not wearing a fancy white Christening gown... she's dressed the way people in our church dress for church.

Although we had "a wardrobe malfunction" and had to run Emily home to change clothes just 20 minutes before church started, it was a very good day. Okay, it wasn't really a wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson quality but let's just say a onesie and a pair pants were at the opposite end of the spectrum from clean and fresh.

We (Jenni, Ryan and Emily) made it back to church 10 minutes late and found a seat in the midst of our family. Emily had lots of special visitors for the day. Along with our regularly attending church family Great Grandma Isler, Grandma and Grandpa Gaston, Aunt Michelle and Aunt Laura, Mama Hypes and Papa Hypes, Briana and Steven, Uncle Jim and Aunt Kris, Uncle Fred and Aunt Reda, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Connie and our friends Barb and Norm also came along to celebrate her special day.

Tom did a great job doing the dedication ceremony and surprisingly only teared up a little bit!

Here are some pictures from the morning.

The happy family...

Jenni, Emily, Grandpa Gaston, Grandma Gaston, Great Grandma Isler

Emily and Barb... after Emily tried eating Barb's cheek!

Uncle Fred and Cousin Abby

Ryan, Todd and Aunt Laura

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