Sunday, August 26, 2007

Party at Aunt Shell's

Aunt Shell and Laura had a pool party this weekend. Aunt Shell took some great pictures... maybe she'll read this and share them with me so I can post some for the rest of Emily's fan club (hint, hint).

Here are some post swimming pictures. (By the way... Emily really enjoyed the pool!)

Emily with her best buddy and favorite brother in the world... okay, so he's her only brother but what's not to like?!?!

I'm not exactly sure who the guilty party was, but someone decided Emily should wear her shorts on her head - and she seemed to agree. She left them on her head for quite a long time. Hmmm, maybe Grandma and Grandpa play this game with her while they're babysitting?

Here's a picture of Max's excitement at Emily taking over his living room floor. Doesn't he look just absolutely thrilled?

Yeah, she doesn't look too bummed out about wearing pants on her head, does she?


Michelle & Laura said...

Of pants and peek-a-boo books... She was so into the book I don't think she ever knew the pants were put on her head. She only found them because Ryan put something on her head. She reached up to get it and was intrigued by the pants that she found.

Anonymous said...

a girl after my own heart..pants worn on the head is a timeless fashion statement.

signed, a proud Aunt Susan :)

Anonymous said...

Em looks like a French artist in this picture!

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