Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sleepers - 8/13/07

We had a rough night last week. I had put Emily to bed as usual and she fought it with everything she had... which is not normal. Most nights Emily will either lay down and fall asleep fairly quick or she will fuss for just a few minutes as she watches me walk out of her bedroom. On this night though, she cried - hard - for about 20-25 minutes. She cried herself beyond the point of being able to calm herself back down so I went in to rock with her for a while.

We rocked for a while but she would not go back to sleep for anything. I ended up rocking her for about 45 minutes until we both finally fell asleep. Dad came home from work a bit late and this is what he found...

Oh, and call me slow, but I happened to catch a peek of Em's mouth tonight (8/26) while she was laughing and I realized she has 2 new teeth that look like they might have broken through the surface a little over a week ago... hmmmm. They're both on her left side and look like they might be molars. Do you see the connection? ;-)

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Marla Edington said...

Oh yeah, I remember molars. They're not too happy when those things come in!

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