Saturday, September 29, 2007

Homegroup & Birthdays

As many of you know, our church family means a lot to us. Our church has a thing called home groups which is a smaller, more close-knit version of our church. Our group meets once a week at my cousin's house and the people in this group have become very close friends of ours. Here is the hospitality committee... Abby. Abby also happens to be Emily's cousin. The two girls are only a month apart in age and love playing together while the rest of us are chatting. Abby was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule for a photo-op.

Last weekend, we went to visit with Tom's parents. His dad was having a birthday party and most of the family was able to get together for a fun celebration. This is my niece, Rachel, playing with Emily. Rachel is the president of Emily's fan club. She goes into withdraw if she hasn't seen "Baby Emmy" and "Baby Emmy's mommy" in a while. It is so fun watching them play together. After Emily's nap the two girls followed each other from one room to another.

Eventually, Emily discovered the mirror on Mamaw's door... and Rachel was right there to help her enjoy it!

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Pam said...

Rachel LOVES the pictures of her and baby Emily! : )

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