Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snakesgetti, Melting, Helmets and Reflections

I've been meaning to post several updates over the past week or so and just haven't made the time to get them done... soooo, you get blessed with the mini-series blog edition today.

Since Emily still isn't allowed to travel the stairs without a chaperone she gets all excited when we let her go upstairs/downstairs with us a few times a week. I came home from work one night last week and followed Em up the stairs to change out of my work clothes. Now, to truly do this story justice, I must remind you that it's mid-winter here in Ohio and my skin has not seen the sunlight (nor tanning lights) since maybe August... and even then it was probably only long enough for me to stroll from my sister's house to get in her pool. I think I wore jeans most of the summer this year!

Now that that's been said, I headed to the bedroom upstairs to change into some comfy jeans for the night. I dropped trow, grabbed ahold of my jeans and to my surprise Emily marched over and gave my white, pastie thigh a big ol' hug and added an "Awwwww". I'm not positive, but it might have been a sympathy hug! (And, NO, I'm not including pictures of this event for your amusement! I don't carry a camera with me ALL the time!)

Emily's favorite books right now are picture books with all sorts of food, animals, toys, and other day to day things in the them. She's been really fascinated lately with the pictures of skunks, scorpions and snakes and always makes an accompanying animal sound or motion when she sees the pictures.

Last week, I made spaghetti for supper and I believe it might have been the first time she's had spaghetti when I didn't cut or break all the pasta up for her. She looked in her bowl and looked back at me with big happy eyes. She proceeded to pick one of the spaghetti noodles up and held it up for me, all the while going, "Sssssssss"! This kid cracks me up!

I think I mentioned in a previous post that Emily is growing FAST! She was wearing size 12 mos. for most of January and then all of a sudden she's had to jump into 18 mos. clothes because so many of her one piece outfits are getting too short and tight on her. She had some pajamas that were getting too small on her so I decided to move up to the next size.... Oops! I think maybe I jumped the gun a bit on this pair! I accidentally grabbed a size 24 mos. and I didn't realize it until she stood up with them on. (Don't worry, we changed clothes before she went to sleep that night!)

Maybe it's just me, but her feet look like the Wicked Witch's after they shriveled up when Dorothy's house landed on her!

Nothing too exciting here. For some reason Emily AND Tom have been wearing this blue, plastic bowl around the house on occasion. If you ask Emily where her helmet is she will go looking for this bowl.

Tonight while eating supper Emily caught her reflection on the back of her spoon and it made her laugh pretty hard. I tried hard to catch this one on "film" but I couldn't get her to look at the reflection again... maybe another day.

Have a great day and be blessed!

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Michelle & Laura said...

Where's the picture of Daddy with his helmet on??

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