Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spoon Training

Tonight was our first official "Spoon Training Night". Yes, we've eaten (read: played) with spoons before but tonight was special because we actually cracked open the textbook (mommy's mouth) and learned the real way to use one... scoop and eat! Emily's been practicing with a fork for a while, but I/Jenni just got brave enough to let my arm flailing daughter try her hand at eating with a spoon by herself.

Here's the play-by-play on how it all went down.

1) A few scoops in, we take a break for a photo-op. On the spoon-friendly menu for tonight was mashed potatoes with a few peas mixed in... and peas on the side for finger-eating pleasure. We're doing pretty well, but we haven't picked up momentum yet.

2) After a few more bites we learn that apparently either mashed potatoes make your eyes itch or they're just fun to wipe on our face. Note the mashed potatoes acting as eyeliner and mascara. She's still too young for make-up but she's learning to improvise well.

3) Apparently this spoon stuff was proving to be a bit too challenging tonight and Emily initiated a prayer break. (Seriously, she wouldn't keep eating until we prayed! Deeply spiritual, this one is.)

4) Partway through the 30 second prayer we realize we have mashed potatoes between our fingers and our hands just might stick this way if Mom doesn't hurry up with this prayer.

5) And, on occasion Emily ends her prayers with a big ol' "Yeah, God!" pose. (She doesn't actually say it, but the arms go up like she just scored a touchdown!) Apparently, she's thrilled that God just answered her prayer and her hands didn't get stuck together.

6) Proving to be the ever flexible switch-hitter, Emily is effective with using her right hand...

... and her left!

The next few items have nothing to do with eating... but I found them on my other memory stick tonight and knew you just had to see these!

I took Emily's hat off really fast on Sunday before I hopped in the front seat and then glanced in the rearview mirror to see this....

And, just a few snippets of video of Emily chatting and being her normal cheerful self when she just wakes up from a nap.

Be Blessed and May Others Be Blessed By You!

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