Monday, June 09, 2008

What is THAT?!?

I've entered a new phase in toddlerhood. Emily has been preparing me for it all along and I didn't even realize it!

Emily doesn't say a whole lot these days but something she very clearly says about every 10 minutes is, "What IS that?" Today it took on a while new twist!

I was setting her booster seat up at lunch this afternoon and noticed "something" on the chair it usually sits on. The first thing that popped in my head was, "What is THAT?!?!?" And, to quote a line from the new movie "Baby Mama", I thought to myself, "Is that poop or is that chocolate?" I opted not to carry out the 2nd part of the scene. (She licked her son's finger and made a comment about it being chocolate.... Yeah, eww!) I grabbed a rag to clean up the aforementioned "something" and learned quickly that it wasn't going anywhere. I ended up having to use a plastic knife to chisel it off. After a little investigating -- no, I didn't taste it! -- I determined the questionable substance to be petrified chocolate pudding.

A short while later, Em was snacking on a cracker and had dropped some pieces on the floor. I asked her to pick the pieces up and not only did she pick them up and eat them but she also snatched up a piece of our cat's toenail that had snagged on the carpet and stuck IT in her mouth. She quickly realized it wasn't a cracker and spit it out. Yeah, that's just gross. I'm either going to have to have Spencer totally declawed now or put mosquito netting over Emily's mouth so she can't eat weird stuff. What is THAT all about? My kid wouldn't eat macaroni today but she'll stick a cat's toenail in her mouth???

What is THAT?!?!?

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