Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a fun day yesterday celebrating Thanksgiving with our families. We took our camera with us to the Gaston shindig but forgot about it until we were ready to leave. Once we mentioned "leaving" Emily was in no mood for a photoshoot.

After lunch and chatting for a bit we hit the road to pick up Ryan and took him along with us to Thanksgiving Part II.

Here's Papa H.

I mentioned to Papa that Emily adored him and that I wasn't quite sure if it was because of his charming personality or if it was because her favorite picture of him is of him holding a giant yellow cupcake. I was to learn later in the evening that he was working the system to earn Emily's admiration and Emily was eating it up... in the form of red, green, blue, and yellow M&Ms (as evidenced by the new colors on her outfit from last night)!

Emily had a blast and is one of Papa's best buds now.

Here are Ryan and Emily's cousins, Keegan and Rachel. Rachel is showing off her missing teeth which she kindly put under her pillow for the tooth fairy!

Emily has been enjoying an older picture of these two and when she first saw Keegan live and in person last night she was a little timid. Keegan was cool and gave Em her space until she had warmed up to him. She kept pointing at him and saying, "Biiiiig!". Well, of course he's big! She's been looking at a picture where he's only about 2 inches tall!

Emily was worried that she'd lost Keegan whenever he'd get up from the table. She'd let us know of her concern by shouting, "Uh-oh!" She loves her Keegan!

Emily decided to help herself to the bowl of chex mix that was harboring Papa's M&M's. She was equally excited by the multitude of raisins and dried cranberries that were mixed among the chex mix, cheezits, and other crunch stuff.

Rachel was just told that it was time to leave and as you can see, she wasn't at all impressed with the idea. Jeffrey, however, was happy to oblige and have a quick picture taken with his cousin, Emily!


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Michelle & Laura said...

I think Emily likes snacks, but maybe got a little more than she bargained for!!

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