Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanks for the Botox Prayers!

Today was Botox day!

To be honest, Tom and I were a bit anxious about what all was going to go down and how Emily was going to react to it all. I think it was more nervousness about the unknown than anything else.

Tom had trouble getting away for the afternoon today so my mom accompanied us to Children's Hospital today. It's recommended that you show up a half hour prior to your appointment to get checked in but I think they just tell you that so you have time to find a parking space. We inched our way through all 5 or 6 levels of the parking garage and up to the rooftop parking. We turned around and inched our way all the way back down and ended up at the exit without a parking spot. Did I mentioned that Em doesn't like to inch anywhere in a car? She was a bit perturbed once she realized we had turned around and were going back the way we came. Fortunately, there was an attendant that let us out without having to pay. He falsely informed me there was no other parking aside from that garage so we went around the block and drove back into the garage again. This time, though, we were blessed to find a spot opened up near the elevators on the 2nd level. We still checked in for our appointment with 8 minutes to spare!

When Em's name was called we went back to our exam room and whipped out our crayons so we could color on the table paper. Then she glanced out the door and spotted the toys lining the counter at the nurse's station. She made quick friends with the play therapist, Annie, and I would venture a guess that she played with each and every toy that was in Annie's arsenal.

After a few minutes, Emily's new doctor (the botox specialist) and her entourage came in. This part was really cool (in my eyes at least... ) A young male doctor stuck his hand out, introduced himself and shook my hand. Next was a young lady that introduced herself as Dr. Kaitz's interpreter. I was a bit confused but shook her hand and said I was glad to meet her. Next was Dr. Kaitz. Her wheelchair did not define her but added to the great impression she made. She appeared to be a paraplegic that was possibly deaf but she spoke very clearly. The interpreter stood slightly behind me and signed a few things that I said. It was obvious from the get-go that this team was used to working together and had a fine-tuned rhythm to everything they did. Also joining us in the room was Patti, a nurse and Annie, the play therapist whose job was to distract Emily. Prior to us getting all situated, Dr. Kaitz asked if Emily like dogs and that maybe her dog could come in for a visit when we were done.

Emily layed on her tummy like she was getting ready for a photoshoot and watched as Annie blew bubbles. It was all well and good until the others moved in and started to hold her down. It didn't take more than a minute or two for them to rub some numbing cream on the back of her calves (not her thighs/hips like I originally thought) and to give the Botox injections. She turned on the tears and was more than a bit upset that she was being held down. I think being held down bothered her more than the shots themselves. This is a girl that enjoys her freedom!

After the shots, I gave her a big hug and helped her down from the table. As I turned around, I noticed a beautiful black lab had entered our room and was sitting in front of Dr. Kaitz. (Wow, she's quick!) She introduced Emily and I to Travis (her assist dog) and Emily hugged him and loved petting him. It wasn't long after that that Emily was giving everyone high-fives and blowing kisses!

We played for a few minutes in the toy room and said goodbye to everyone before we joined Grandma in the lobby.

In less than an hour after we landed our parking spot we were back on the road. Em was feeling fine so the 3 of us even ventured across town to hit the Once Upon a Child store to grab some new winter clothes for Miss Em. Here are some pictures of the Botox Hat & Boot Queen from tonight... she's very proud of her new hat and Land's End boots that we scored for $6! Proud enough to wear them with her PJs tonight while watching her favorite videos.


Amy K said...

I'm happy it went so well and I pray that this will long before you are supposed to know if it helps or not?

Holly Trawick said...

Jonathan has had several rounds of Botox, but they have to put him to sleep to do it because he gets the injections in so many locations.
I will be excited to hear how it works for Emily! I will be praying for her.

Alicia - Aunt Shell's coworker said...

Oh, I see, you were in town and didn't stop into the OFA office so the queen could visit her constituents?? just kidding :) Glad the injections went well!

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