Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter, Church and Early Birthday Party

I was going to put together a post for Emily's Easter with the family, but my sister did such a GREAT job with the pictures that I'm just going to send you to her blog to see the fun time we had. ;-) Enjoy, but be sure to come back when you're done!

While typically on the other side of the camera,
this particular mommabeast was caught with
a deer-in-the-headlights look while doing
"something" at church on Easter morning.

The past weekend was quite a bit of fun. On Saturday afternoon, Emily helped me bake cupcakes for our family get-together.

Okay, bake might not be the right word...
Our little ragamuffin watched me mix them up
and then helped clean out the bowl
after her "num-nums" went in the oven!

On Sunday, after church, we had Tom's side of the family over for a cookout/late Easter/early birthday party. Grandma Hypes was kind enough to bring bubbles for the kiddos to play with.

Emily was happy to show everyone how her bubble gun works.

I would say it was a successful training!

We took a few minutes to celebrate an early
3rd birthday while the family was with us.
(Can anyone guess what's wrong with the picture above?)
Em was pumped about having "ta-tot ice reem"
(otherwise known as chocolate icre cream).
And she was singing "Happy, Emmie. Happy, Emmie."
over and over again in the car on the way home from church.

It was a great weekend! We all had a great time and it was fun catching up with everyone again!


Michelle & Laura said...

What's wrong with the photo? Well, the hinges are on the wrong side of the door and the steps were moved ... but the 3 is facing the right way!!

Jenni said...

You wouldn't believe the amount of work it took to move that door and steps!

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