Saturday, July 04, 2009

Conversations with Mommy

Today at lunch, after telling her she was over 3 feet tall Emily assured me that she in fact only has 2 feet... not 3. It went a little something like this:

Emily: I eat, and tall, tall, tall.

Mommy: Yes, if you keep eating your lunch you will be tall, tall, tall. You're already getting really, really tall. You're already over 3 feet tall!

Emily: Nooooo, not 3 feet, 2 feet!

Mommy: No, you are over 3 feet tall.

Emily: Not mine feet.

Mommy: No, about 3 of my feet.

Emily: Not 3 feet. My 2 feet. Mommy 2 feet.

Mommy: Ohhhhhh (Mommy slowly catches on....). Yes, you do have 2 feet and Mommy only has 2 feet.

Emily: Doggies, Kitties 3 feet!

We still have a little work to do... and we'll be putting our growth chart up soon!!!!

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Connie Isler said...

This is so cute! (What do "feet" have to do with height, anyway?) And if "3" means "more than 2," Emily's got the concept.

Don't you just love kids' logic? It's so organized, like making all verbs regular, e.g., "I beed [was] a good girl." These are the memories that will bring back smiles the rest of your life.
BTW, love your new porch! Enjoy!

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