Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Fair and Other Fun Things!

The county fair is always held at the beginning of July and Emily was excited to go this year. She spent at 2 days at the fair this year. One day we watched her 3-year old cousin, Abby, participate in a sheep lead class. The following night we walked around the fair and listened to our friends Keith and Jessica perform in one of the entertainment tents.

One of the highlights for Emily were the junior fair animals. She got a kick out of finding some eggs in with the chickens, got to pet a couple of sheep and though a bit intimidated at first, she did muster up enough courage to pet a calf.

Here's Emily after our cousin, Brenda, took her for a walk with a young calf. (I think it's name was Mr. T and I'm pretty sure Emily was trying to climb over Brenda's shoulder to get away.)

That is until sweet, lovable, child charmer, Grant came along....

With his help, she was willing to pet the calf on the nose and be near it... well, until it started mooing and moving around and then she started squirming again and got to heavy and squirrely for Grant to keep holding her....

She had so much fun at the fair and I was feeling like having a little fun so she got to eat chocolate ice cream for and early supper and then we ate real stuff when we got home.

Have I mentioned this girl loves chocolate ice cream!?!?

- - - - -

Fast forward a week or so and you'll find us saying our farewells to our sweet friend and helper, Nickie. Nickie has been with us since shortly after Emily came home. She works with Help Me Grow and has come out for visits several times a year and helped us with Emily's assessments and placements for therapies and such. She's been a great friend and has reminded me that we are really blessed in so many areas of our lives. Now that Emily is 3, she has outgrown the Help Me Grow program (and a ton of her clothes!) and will be moving up to receive some early intervention services this year. We love you Nickie and truly hope you stay in touch!

- - - - -

Later in July, we took a quick trip to the zoo with Nanny and Papa. It's a tradition that we nearly always stop and visit the petting zoo if it's open... not so much a tradition that we jump on the goats.

Seriously folks!?!? Did you really think I would let my daughter jump on a goat? It's an optical illusion. Breathe in, breathe out and hang up on your phone call to PETA!

Peace out!

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