Friday, August 21, 2009

The Big Tease: Answer

Here's the answer to what Emily was doing in the last post that gave her goofy hair:

This was at one of her physical therapy sessions. Emily was in a large inflatable "Fun Roller" and it gave her especially fabulous hair on this particular occasion.

Emily also got to experience a new swing at PT a couple of weeks ago. She was working on a puzzle with the shapes at one of the mat and the actual puzzle at the other side. This was a good workout for her. She had to move around with her hands, but also had to keep her body straightened out so she didn't go all over the place. Here's a video of her first time in the swing.

A few of our faithful followers have asked about the status of Emily's braces. They are still coming, but the process has been caught up in paperwork. I made a lot of phone calls recently and we should be getting closer. We are waiting on approval from our insurance company and BCMH before we can proceed. There are so many parties involved to make this happen and there are a lot of steps that have to happen in a certain order. We'll get there. The perk in all of this might be that it will be a little cooler out when Emily starts wearing her gear so it won't be so uncomfortable.

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Michelle and Laura said...

So how many days did it take to get her out of that swing?

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