Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hours of Entertainment

This week I've learned several great ways to keep a little girl busy while I'm working in a tiny kitchen preparing supper. The most basic is to ask her to go wash her hands. The bathroom sink will keep her busy for a loooong time. She also likes to brush her teeth nearly every time she's washing her hands... double the benefit!

The most recent amusement I've found for Emily she actually found herself. I was making spaghetti the other night and I was using kitchen tongs to get the spaghetti noodles out of the pot. She asked me if they were scissors when I showed her how they were used she wanted to try it. So, instead of letting her use my 'sgetti-sauce-covered tongs, I whipped out a clean pair and sent her around the house to see which of her toys she could pick up with her tongs. It was a great scientific experiment for her and learned quite a bit in the process.

Em's expressions in these pictures crack me up.
At first, we're a little bummed out that we
aren't able to pick something up.

Then she becomes a little exhuberant
when she does figure out how to pick
something up. It's a giant piece of spaghetti!

Proud of her catch.

And, then she found something else
in her bedroom that she could pick up!

Ah, kitchen tongs. What will we think of next....

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Amy S. said...

Very cute!
LOVE the pics!

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