Friday, September 11, 2009

A Glance at Emily's Last Few Weeks

After a very nice, and quite subtle hint (ahem), I've been informed that I've neglected to update our blog over the past couple of weeks. I humbly apologize. School started shortly after our last entry and we've had a flurry of activity during the days and nights since then. Enough excuses... here's what you've been waiting for.

The first picture has absolutely nothing to do with Emily except that I took it on my way home from work and was about 15 minutes away from picking her up. Luckily, I was heading into the blue skies and away from those extremely dark clouds that were in my side mirror. We got a bit of rain that night, but nothing compared to what those clouds looked like they could have produced!

A few days later, I caught Miss Em daydreaming while watching TV and holding a lovely green marker to her cheek and LIPS.

She was a little concerned when she noticed that her hands were green from wiping her face...

But she royally freaked out when I showed her what she looked like in the mirror. It was the first time I've ever seen her run AWAY from a mirror! Thank goodness it was a Washable Crayola Marker! We even had to run her tongue over the washcloth a few times before it was pink again!

A few more days after that and Emily couldn't wait to come home and help me make supper. I put her in charge of making the salad. She makes a mean lettuce shredder and was very proud of her work!

Last Wednesday, it was time for Botox: Round 4. At weigh-in, she's now a whopping 33.5 lbs and 39 inches tall. She was friendly and chipper until the syringe came out, screamed and thrashed around like a banshee and then high-fived the doctors and all the child wranglers. It's exhausting for me, but it's becoming a quarterly norm. As promised, Em was granted ice cream as her reward for being brave. Nobody wears chocolate quite like Em!

A few days after botox/ice cream day we went to Saturday in the Park and listened to our friends Keith and Jessica sing. We made a quick loop through the park, made a tie-dyed t-shirt and went to Columbus to meet Ryan for supper and to kick off our weekend.

All that running can wear a girl out. Well, that and emptying your bookshelves and rearranging all your toys when you're supposed to be sleeping. Then, it finally came.... crash!

On a side note: All the red tape has finally been cut through, our BCMH AND insurance approvals finally came through and Emily went in this afternoon to get casts made for her braces to be made from. With the help of a movie from home, she handled it pretty well. She was pretty cooperative until the scissors came out to cut off the lightweight casts. They said it will probably be about 3 weeks before the new braces will be ready for her to try on.

And finally, for your storytime pleasure... Here's Emily reading your bedtime story: "Snow White". Enjoy. (Don't worry, she's teasing me the first few seconds of the story...)


Anonymous said...

deam me! this video...what can I say. NOTHING! Emily's got it goin' ON!!!
i love: "Apple...Witch"... then her completely unrestrained, satisfied laugh!
MElissa F.

Anonymous said...

What I meant to say was, "Dear me!!!" I love this virtual scrapbook!
I really don't want to be 'Anonymous' either, but it's the only 'identity' i could choose to leave a comment successfully.
love to you ALL.
p.s. Still have the makings for a doll for Emily : )

Amy S said...

Thank you! lol
I am so happy the insurance stuff is going through and Emily will have her braces. That's wonderful!! Oh I love story time! And yes, the "apple witch" comment was fantastic! She cleans her room like I did when I was little. Too cute! Oh and don't worry, when she's a little older, it wont be all over the floor and bed... but maybe under the bed and in the closet!! lol

Great update!
Emily you are such a cutie!

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