Monday, September 21, 2009


You know, a couple of weeks ago I posted a little snippet of our visit to Saturday in the Park. What I didn't share with you was that this was Miss Em's first exposure to Porta-Pots, Tidy Tims, Jiffy Johns, you get the idea.

Oh, how I wish I had taken a picture of the neat row of those teal outhouses.

Em's still having her ups and downs with potty training... mostly downs lately but I know she'll eventually click with it. Regardless, when the kid says she has to go, I try to find a way to help her go!

On this particular occasion, the only option was to check out the teal thrones. Thank goodness, they had a handicap "throne"! I've never seen these before, but whenever the opportunity presents itself to take Em into a handicap stall and there isn't a big line of people that truly need it, I will take it. Regular stalls simply are not meant for 1 1/2 people!

Now, we've had our share of bad experiences with public restrooms as noted here but something really freaked me out about taking her to this restroom. Something about the fact that this little kid is getting very inquisitive and has an insatiable desire to touch everything! Prior to entering the teal throne room, I felt the urge to give her the rundown... this is what to expect, this is what it's going to look like inside, I will get you ready and lift you up on the seat and you are NOT to touch anything... you know, one of those kinds of schpiels. And, you know, it didn't stand a chance of actually working.

I was highly impressed with the amount of space inside and that I might actually be able to make this work. However, latching the door presented a little more of a challenge than I expected. On top of that, I had to find someplace semi-clean to set down our bags that we were carrying so I could help her out. In the very few seconds that I took to survey my surroundings, Emily touched the floor, the toilet seat, the toilet paper dispenser and everything else that she shouldn't have. Meanwhile, I'm thinking "OH.", "Oh! Don't touch that!", "Ohhhhh, Emily, you really shouldn't have....", "Oh, Em." "Okay, let's hurry up and get outta here... hurry, let's clean up." (Run away! Run away!)

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