Monday, November 02, 2009


Surprise #1: (Note - I just posted 3 entries tonight for this past week...)

I had to leave work a little early this afternoon to take Emily to an appointment at Children's Hospital. This was a simply brace follow-up and Tom had rearranged his day so he could go down to meet with our new doctor with us. We rushed home and collected everything we needed for the afternoon and while I was getting ready to head out the door I noticed my voicemail message light was blinking.

Surprise #2: A quick check of the message revealed that our doctor wasn't feeling well and left work earlier in the afternoon and we would have to reschedule our appointment. I called to reschedule the appointment for a few weeks out and we went ahead and picked Emily up early and headed out of town for a family evening out.

Surprise #3: A new wing has been added on to the mall that we like to visit and a Dave & Busters is included in that wing. I don't know that we've talked about it much on the blog, but Emily is very sensitive to loud noises. She can't stand vacuum cleaners, loud music, noisy toilets and air dryers, whistles, buzzers, car horns, loud mufflers or engines on cars/trucks, etc. so we were pretty sure she would freak out the minute we opened the door. We opened the door, stepped inside and paused for a moment to ask Emily if she thought it was too loud or if it she wanted to eat there. It didn't even phase her and she said she wanted to eat there. The meal was great and in the midst of a mid-meal potty break Em discovered there were lots of games on the way to the restroom!

To our surprise, Emily couldn't wait to finish her supper so she could show Daddy all the games that she found! Not only did she show him the games that we noticed on the fringe, but she walked through the entire game floor showing her Daddy all the blinking lights and noisy games... and Daddy helped her win a few game tickets to boot! It seems silly, but I was almost as proud tonight as I was when she started trying to take her first steps. We were still afraid of the scary automatic toilets tonight, but this feels like a giant step forward.

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