Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Snow White!

This past Saturday was our community's Trick-or-Treat night and Emily has been looking forward to it for over a month. We surprised her with a Snow White dress and wig several weeks ago and she fell in love. We did some prep work to remind her that people would come to our house and we would give them candy. There would be some kids in funny masks and if there were scary faces, we just reminded her that they were just pretend and there were just kids under them.

Here's a look at the evening.

Ready to great her public...

At Emily's request, Nanny dressed up as the
"Apple Witch" and joined her for the evening.

It was a long, chilly night, but Emily had a blast!
She met a few scary folks early on and something
must have clicked a little later because she started
waving at them all and shouting, "Hi Funny Face!"
She got so comfortable that she nearly shouted,
"Hi Funny Face!" to a few folks who didn't even
have masks on. Awwwwwkward! :-)
But nothing a quick change of topic couldn't fix!

At the end of the night, Papa (aka The Prince)
decided to get in on the Snow White action
while sporting a little Buckeye fever...

Too funny, but a little scary. The bow
adds a nice touch I think.

Happy Halloween!

(Oh, and yes, Emily did get to go around to our neighbors,
but I think she actually preferred to hand out candy as opposed to raking it in!)

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