Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Nothing really exciting has happened in the last week so I'm really struggling with what to write about today. The only thing "new" is that Emily worked up to wearing her braces all day (off at night) for about 3 days before she started limping. There were no red marks on her legs or feet and her toes look fine too. We gave her a break for a few days and when we tried putting regular shoes on her, she decided to limp then too! Tomorrow is a new day and we're going to attempt our Super Legs! again. (That's what we call them.)

Today's entry is just about facts. About Emily.
  • As of today - 1,248 days old.
  • Weight: 33.5 lbs (but feels more like 50!)
  • Height: 39 inches (and that's on flat feet!)
  • Not a big fan of bugs
  • Loves ice cream
  • Will pick a dress over play clothes nearly any day
  • Likes to put mousse on her forehead every morning
  • Adores hand-me-downs from her friends and cousins
  • Has a daddy-inspired addiction to orange tic-tacs
  • Has an obsession with birthdays and celebrates mine at least once a week
  • Head-over-heels adores her big brother
  • Still isn't potty-trained but tells me every day that she's working on it.
  • Once told me her tummy was tired (what does that mean, anyway?)
  • Pronounces Lucky Charms and Yucky Bombs
  • Is a routine girl through and through
  • Likes to put her hands up and say, "Weeee" as we go over train tracks and bridges.
  • Moving up to wearing 4T and 5T but we actually have to make sure they're long enough (I never had that problem!)
  • Shoe size is a 7 1/2 or an 11 1/2 wide... depending on the day.
  • Favorite game: Hide & Seek (and hiding in the same spot again and again)
  • Favorite drinks: milk and lemonade
  • Favorite movie: Snow White
  • Favorite books: God and Me, any Clifford the Big Red Dog books, The Way to Wyatt's House, Snow White
  • Favorite songs: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and ABC Song


Amy K said...

Okay, now that I know there is a birthday obsession, the fact that we randomly decided to celebrate everyone's birthday in the nursery Sunday morning makes a little more sense :)

Michelle and Laura said...

That Hide & Seek game ... she likes to hide in the same place again, and again, and again, and again, and again (you didn't say it quite enough times). And then if she gets tired of hiding she will tell you to hide there again, and again, and again! She is so funny!

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