Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Packing List

Emily is getting ready to spend the night with Nanny and Papa at their camper tomorrow night. Tonight she was so excited that she decided to help pack her own bags. Here is the list of things piled in our living room so far that she "thinks" she's taking with her tomorrow. (Good luck fitting it all in the camper!)

  • 3 baby dolls
  • 1 Barbie doll
  • small black teddy bear
  • 6 small sheets of notebook paper
  • jump rope
  • dump truck
  • bull dozer
  • purse with pretend dog food inside
  • microphone
  • Fridge Phonics musical part (no letter included - - yet)
  • photo album of Kazakhstan trip
  • tiny stuffed red panda
  • small sticker booklet with no stickers left
  • 6 books ("Moo, Baa, La La La!", "Bear Snores On", "My Day Picture Book", "Clifford's Puppy Days", "The Fussy Princess" and "Just Go To Bed")
  • a purse with 2 Prayer Bears inside
  • flute
  • Raggedy Ann piggy bank
  • dolphin teething toy
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • sippy cup with milk left over from supper
  • play dog toy with carrier, leash, comb, jacket and food bowl
  • toddler's MP3 music player (that might need batteries before it makes the trip)
  • and finally, ONE used fabric softener dryer sheet.
Do you think she'll be disappointed when I tell her in the morning that she has to take some clothes, shoes and toiletries with her?

1 comment:

Michelle and Laura said...

Don't worry I'm bringing extra batteries for all the noisy toys!! See you there!

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