Friday, October 02, 2009

Brace Yourselves...

Okay, lame title. I know. But, come on. You knew this entry was coming!

Emily's braces were ready on Monday morning so Tom and I took Emily for her fitting. She did really well and was once again very brave. Mr. B was able to do his work and we walked out of there with 4 new pieces to add to Emily's wardrobe... 2 braces, a night brace and a knee immobilizer for night use. More pictures will come later, but I wanted to give you a quick sneak peak at the amazing difference in her walk and how quickly she has adapted to these things.

After work, we had a meeting with a new babysitter and her family. We went out to eat and then hit the shoe store to find a new pair of shoes that would fit over there braces. I knew we would need bigger shoes, but I never would have guessed that we would go from a size 7 1/2 to a size 11 1/2 Wide! That's 4 sizes, baby! (And she can still walk in them without tripping over her own feet!)

Monday night was my first attempt at putting on the braces. I quickly learned my mistake of not holding them open wide enough to make it easy to get her foot in there. She held it against me the rest of the week. :-/

We are working our way up to wearing these more and more each day and I've let Tom take the lead in putting them on since he's much better (and patient and calmer about it than I am)! She wore them for 4 hours this evening and did pretty well. We haven't started with the night brace or knee immobilizer yet but will integrate that into the routine once she's used to wearing the braces for longer during the day. The night brace is much more padded so it should be comfy, but she's not used to keeping her feet at that angle for so long.

Just wanted to share the video with you guys. After the braces were put on, you can see that she wasn't able to pivot quite as well as before... but keep in mind she's been used to pivoting on her toes for over 2 years now and she's wearing shoes that are literally 4 sizes bigger than she's used to! And, less than a week later and she's already working on steps and other obstacles. This kid never ceases to amaze me and is adapting to these things faster than I thought possible! Way to go, Emily!


Henry's mom said...


How wonderful Emily looks in her new braces. What a sweet cutie she is! You are an amazing mother in more ways I could ever express in words.

Thanks so much for sharing the video.

I do not know if you follow my blog or not but I am making it private and if you would like an invite, just email me and I send you one.

Way to go Emily!

Jennifer said...

Emily is doing amazingly well walking in her AFO braces. Michael wears them on both legs as well. She walks so much better. You are doing a great job mom!

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