Saturday, December 05, 2009

To Have The Heart of a Child...

(Note: I've added several more blog entries this evening... simply catching up notes from the last couple of weeks.)

After I picked Em up from the babysitter's yesterday, we stopped by the grocery store on the way home. As she stepped out of the car in the parking lot, I found a dime on the ground and handed it to her. We put the dime in her pocket and I told her she could put it in her piggy bank when we got home. She was very excited about our find.

We walked hand-in-hand toward the store and she was eyeing which of the "fun carts" she wanted to ride in and was talking up a storm. We took one step inside the store and she spotted the Salvation Army bell-ringers and totally switched gears. She stopped dead in her tracks, opened up her pocket and pulled out her treasured dime. Surprisingly, she also found a penny in her pocket that neither of us knew was in there. I then watched in awe as my little girl took off at a full run to the friendly folks twenty feet away at the Salvation Army collection pot. She proudly handed them her 11 cents with a huge smile on her face and told them thanks. They were very sweet and seemed to have spotted the beauty of what had just happened. They handed her the bell and she ran over to show it to me and then went back over to ring it a few times before giving it back.

I met her with the "fun cart" of her choice, told her how proud I was of her and we continued on our adventure to find some chicken for supper.

If only we could all have the heart of a child.

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