Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What?!?! Mommy's Naked?

(Emily's cousin, Brooke, colored this blanket for her for Christmas!)

The following story won't be a surprise to my sister after tonight's occurrence...

Tonight, our little cherub and I had a video chat with Aunt Shell and Aunt Laura. Before we signed off, we had a conversation about Emily being a flower girl for a wedding in May. When asked about her dress, she told Aunt Shell that Mommy was makin' it... which somehow came out on the other sounding like Mommy's naked. They laughed. Emily laughed.

Shortly after that, it was time to sign off and get our darling to bed. I asked her if she wanted to read Aunt Shell and Aunt Laura a story before we signed off and she trotted away to her room for her Bible. She came back, flipped through the pages and started with a little prayer of her own, "God help us -- Mommy's naked."

Oi vey.

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