Friday, April 16, 2010

The Shepherd's Nook is Now Closed

(I'm stealing Tom's post that he put on his blog earlier this week. After 8 years, this past Saturday was the last day for our store to be open.)

The Shepherd’s Nook is Now Closed

Dear Friend of the Nook,

After two years of financial struggling with less community support and higher costs of moving to our new location…. and with a great deal of prayer….. we have been led to close The Shepherd’s Nook. We wish to thank all for their support of our ministry over the last 8 years.

For your immediate needs, please contact the Living Word bookstore in Edison at 419-946-5000. They are just 15 minutes from our store on State Route 95 in the Edison Depot building.

Long term, we are working with a local person who is hoping to open a new Christian bookstore in Marion soon. When this happens, please support them in your prayers and with your spending dollars. Invest in the Kingdom and not just where you can save a dollar.

Again, we thank you for standing by us and ask you continue to keep us in prayer as we focus more on our church ministry. If we can pray for you, please contact us at


Tom and Jenni Hypes

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