Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been trying to round up some pictures of the kidlet lately and in trying to do so, have totally skipped posting the big events here!  There will be pictures to follow and more details as well... but here's the important stuff!

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Last Friday morning, Sept. 24 - Em's first tooth fell out as a total surprise to us a couple of weeks ago. Found out tonight she has another loose tooth already. Yeah, she's still 4!

Sept. 26, 9pm - Calling the toothfairy to come make trip number 2 tonight. Hope she's still taking calls this late at night.

Sept. 28 - ‎"Mommy, wake up. I hear bagels falling on the roof!"

Sept. 29 - While exploring the outdoors, we had this conversation: 
"Mommy, is this pee?" 
"...Emily! If you think it might be pee, DON'T put your finger in it!!!"

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