Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There's a little girl in our house that got to sleep rather late last night because she was so excited about starting preschool that she just couldn't settle into bed. After about 2 hours of wriggling, she finally slowed down enough to succumb to sleep.

When she finally settled in, I pulled out her plain pink backpack (from "Hobbly Blobby") and got to work adding the extra ribbon and "gingerbread" she had helped me pick out so we could pretty it up and make it her own.

This morning, Em met me in the hallway with a big smile on her face and was very chatty and full of questions. When I wrapped up my shower, I peaked in her bedroom and found her stuffing her backpack full of "all things school"... colored pencils, papers, notepads, books, and she was looking for the crayons and markers. She was just sure they wouldn't have everything she needed at preschool and she would have to have stuff to share with all of her new friends. (She takes after her mother.)

She was bummed out when I told her she wouldn't have room for all of that stuff AND the papers she might bring home from preschool... but then after she emptied her backpack, she gave me a giant hug and thanked me for decorating her backpack last night for her. And then... she told me, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best mom ever!" Aw, shucks.

Morning routines commenced and before long we were taking the obligatory "First Day of School Pictures".

The drop-off at preschool went very well. Hugs, kisses and in a matter of seconds Em was running the 25-yard dash to the teacher who was waiting at the door. See ya later, Alligator. Buh-bye. I'll see ya on the flip side!

(I tried to embed the video of Em heading in to her class... but Google/Blogger/YouTube apparently don't like me right now. So, instead of seeing the video right here in this lovely window, you'll have to click right here and see it on YouTube instead.)

Have fun.

The Best Mom Ever

(....Yeah, I'm holding onto that one!)

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