Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Gift of Love for Mother

My mom found this in a stack of clippings that my grandma had saved... it seemed fitting for some pictures I took earlier this fall.


Has there ever been a mother
Who has not received the gift
Of a bunch of wilted dandelions
Clutched in a chubby fist?

She exclaims, "O my, how pretty!
I'll get a vase real quick."
Then proudly she accepts the gift
That Love has stooped to pick.

For days each time she passes
The vase of drooping weeds,
A smile will light her features
And her heart again is pleased.

When she cannot keep them any more,
She's as careful as can be;
She discards them very carefully
When her little one can't see.

For Love is such a special gift
Though offered as withered flowers;
And when mother's days are filled with Love,
They gleam with happy hours.

-Dorothy Smith
1984, Warner Press, Inc.

Hand-selected by Emily... from Grandma's flower bed.

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