Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Up

This summer has been a little more than busy because of extra projects at my job.  However, the busyness, stress, anxiety, and all other issues with my challenging work projects make me appreciate my limited time off with family all the more.

It's a Sunday afternoon and I should be working on some things for this week, but I'm taking a mini-vacation to review some pictures from things we've done this summer.  I thought you might enjoy a picture tour!

Swinging with cousin, Abby


4th of July at Indian Lake Campground


Emily's friend, Vivian, turned 4!

Our family attended a Children's Ministry Expo (CMX)
in Kentucky in early July for 2 days and then stayed at
Shaker Village in Kentucky for the rest of the weekend!

Emily's friend, "Kitty"

My friend, the bull.  So photogenic!

Shaker Village at night.

Taking the ferry down the Kentucky River. 

Em and her daddy.

 Ahhhhh, I feel refreshed, how about you?

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