Thursday, November 03, 2011


Little Miss went on field trip a couple of weeks ago to Wayne's Country Market.  As one of the chaperones pinned the name tag to Emily's jacket, Em proceeded to inform them that her name was spelled wrong.  She then corrected them and said her name was spelled "E-M-I-L-E-E".   Of course, this raised the curiosity of her teacher(s)!

When I picked Em up from school, her teacher was grinning as she shared what had taken place earlier in the morning.  Em must have been fairly convincing in her argument.  Her teacher informed me later that when she asked Emily if she should ask me how her name was really spelled that Em was very quick to respond with, "No, don't ask my mom.  I'll get in trouble!"

And no... she didn't get in trouble over it.  We kind of roll with those things at our house.  Although we did find it entertaining when some of her paperwork came home a few days later with her "new" name on it.  

That's our girl!   

And... so is this one. 
Love those snuggles when we get them!

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