Saturday, November 05, 2011

Trick or Treat

Monday night was Trick-or-Treat night in our town.  

Em was joined by her cousins, Abby (a horse) and Ben (a gorilla).

Emily was a ballerina -

who wore a winter coat

(because it was cold and rainy all night)

and took a dive at the last turn
on the way onto our very own sidewalk

some tears, a little grass stain, and a scuffed up knee

but nothing a little band-aid couldn't fix.

Oh yeah-
nevermind the yellow gunk

all over her teeth

it's part of the loot she scored

...well that or she's taking the outfit

to a whole new level as

an out of work ballerina

with a lousy dental plan.

Still missing those top 2 teeth
but they're starting to make an appearance!

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