Wednesday, March 14, 2007

10 Mos. and More Teeth!

Today, Emily turns 10 months old and a certain little someone decided they would like to add some more chompers today! We discovered Emily's 2nd tooth today. She now has 2 bottom teeth coming in. They're still hardly noticeable until you put your finger in her mouth! She has also learned how to bite the spoon when I feed her so it's harder to pull out of her mouth. This makes her giggle.

Emily is still eating very well and is eating just about everything. The only baby food she has refused so far was Sweet Peas but she downed a whole jar of them the following week. She's even getting better at eating "puffs" and we're working on learning how to pick them up and feed ourselves. (Tom and I have it mastered, but Emily still has a way to go.)

This weekend she also discovered her toes when I left her socks off for a while... now they serve as an incentive to sit up longer. After all, it's so much fun to play with those wiggling digits! Emily is doing much better at sitting up. We practice every day. She is now flexible enough and can lean forward enough to sit up on her own once I get her into position but she still gets a little top heavy and wants to flop to the side every now and then. (Remember... Emily was stiff as a board when we first met her and has been making steady progress toward mobility every day.) She loves to stand up and look around. Again, I have to stand her up but as long as I lightly hold on to her waist for balance she will hold the pose. She gets a very proud look on her face when she's standing up!

In other news, we got a little stir crazy this weekend and we visited the Waldo Park when the temperature "spiked". Emily was a little confused about the whole process... hence the weird expression on her face. ;-)

Not the prettiest swingset but it's a swingset nonetheless!

What are you doing to me?

Get me outta here!

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