Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where is Kazakhstan?

Here are a couple of pictures I thought I should share...

I still get a lot of questions when we say we just got back from Kazakhstan. Usually the response is, "Kaza-what?". ;-)

Here is a map of the world with Kazakhstan in green. It was previously part of the Soviet Union but achieved its independence in 1991. They are still building their economy and trying to make life better for its citizens.

Emily's caregivers requested this picture when we were close to the end of our visits. We never got to meet the woman holding Emily but she must have been close to her. There are several pictures of just her holding Emily. We got to see the woman in the red shirt about once or twice a week. She would sometimes bring Emily in to our visits after she had been changed and when we went to pick her up after court this particular caregiver was definitely having a tough time saying goodbye. It was bittersweet. But... she did hope that Emily would make us happy and proud parents and that she would be a "good citizen of your country"... which seemed to be a theme with most of the people of Kazakhstan. ;-)

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