Saturday, March 24, 2007

Emily's "Crib" in Uralsk

I found some more pictures this afternoon while I was cleaning up my files and I realized I never posted pictures of Emily's rooms while she was in the babyhouse.

So, for your viewing pleasure here ya go!

This is a picture of the room where Emily slept when we adopted her from Babyhouse #2 in Uralsk. She was in group #2 with 12 other babies that were roughly her age.

This is a close-up of Emily's crib!

Each baby had their own crib with their name on it. In some other countries and other regions in Kazakhstan, babies sometimes share cribs but this was not the case for Emily. She was a big girl and had her own space.

Adjacent to the crib room is the babies' playroom. And from what we can tell, there are 2 large cribs in this room as well as rocking chairs, toys, walkers and other therapy and baby equipment. This is one of the large cribs and they will sometimes hang toys from the "beam" across the top of the crib.

This is another view of the play room and you can see the type of equipment they use with the babies. When I asked if all the babies were rotated through the walkers and got to use them I was told that was sometimes the case. However, many times the walkers were actually used to isolate babies that were biters or hitters, etc. so they didn't harm the other babies.

Hope you enjoyed these! What do you think?

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