Thursday, May 03, 2007

Getting Better...

... at least we hope when gravity is working to her advantage and she's sitting on Daddy's head... ;-)

Emily's ickiness had another bad day or two before it started getting better. We (Emily and I) decided to stay home from church on Sunday to give her another day to rest up and to give me another day to see how she was doing... it was a long, fussy day. She usually only naps for about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Sunday morning she napped for 3 hours!

I took Emily to the doctor on Monday to see if there was something we could give her to help her feel better. Cold medicine definitely wasn't doing a thing for her. According to the doctor, Emily's been fighting bronchiolitis... a lower respiratory infection that seems to only cause problems for kids under about 12 mos. old. At that age, their lungs aren't developed enough to fight it off. The doctor also seemed to think this might be what they were talking about when the babyhouse doctors were saying she was quite susceptible to respiratory infections. We've taken her off the cold medicine and have only given baby tylenol if she's really uncomfortable.

It's now about a week since she started showing symptoms and she's on the upswing. Our baby girl is now smiling again and although not back to 100% she's definitely getting there. She still sounds like she's got a "smoker's cough" and she's come to dislike anything that looks like a tissue coming towards her schnozola.

In other news related to "Getting Better", I got to spend my 35th birthday yesterday with best-selling Christian fiction author, Karen Kingsbury and her family... and our family and friends through our store. Our store's name was pulled in a drawing at a Christian bookseller's conference earlier this year to have Karen Kingsbury come to our store for a booksigning, dinner with the staff and a speaking engagement.

On a personal note, I was anxious about this event because I had met Karen about a year ago and she struck me as one of the very few "famous" authors, musicians, etc. that we've met at these things over the years that seemed truly genuine. Yes, unfortunately, Tom and I have become a bit jaded over the years from some of the things we've seen behind the scenes at these gatherings. I was worried my impression would be ruined. No worries friends! Karen and her family (husband, Don and 6 children came too!) are the real deal and strive to be humble and follow Christ in everything they do. They treated her (Karen's) readers and retailers as friends not as business partners. Karen had people lining up for her booksigning 2 1/2 hours early and she spoke with each and every person and took pictures of each of them for her website. She stayed at the school where the speaking engagement was until 10:30pm when every last person had been spoken to and had their books signed. And... she was even happy to eat my salad and finish off my sweet potato at supper! ;-) It did my heart good to enjoy this birthday with our new friends and our friends from the store.

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Amy S. said...

Ok... first, I didn't know that I was older than you! Second, I didn't know that your birthday was 2 days after mine!! WOW

Third... Karen Kingsbury IS the real deal. It was awesome to meet and talk to her. The love of Jesus reeks from her... if you know what I mean. Anyway, Emily is a doll. I miss her. When she was on stage with Tom and started to fuss a bit, I found myself wanting to kiss her and do that "whisper in the ear" thing that makes her smile... but I couldn't. She was too far away. I'm glad she is getting better. Give her a kiss for me.

Oh and happy belated birthday to you Jenni!!!

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